This Club History and photographs are reproduced from the Ferryhill Wheelers 75th Anniversary Booklet, and our thanks go to Val Brown who researched and published this booklet.

Very little is known of the first few years of the Club’s existence. One reliable source thinks that 3 brothers, Joe, Ralph and Lawrence Lowe from Windlestone may have been the first riders to form the Club in 1926. Its affiliation to the North Yorkshire and South Durham centre of the National Cyclists’ Union appears in a newspaper report on the annual meeting in 1928, when the N.C.U. celebrated its 50th anniversary.

The first official Club Document in existence is a small printed sheet detailing Club Officials, Rules and Special notices.

Club meetings, venues and membership.

Club Indoor Activities.

Finances, Affiliations, fees and fund raising.


Racing History.

Historical Photographs and Documents.