Ideas for sponsorship first surfaced in the 1960s with businesses advertising their products on members’ racing clothing and their bikes. It was also a way for the Club to secure finance for open race events which it couldn’t afford from its annual income. In April 1964 Bob Douglas organised the Club’s first 2 day event over 131 miles, which was very successful and later Mr. Gray of Spennymoor was approached for sponsorship of a September event. He was willing to help and suggested the Chamber of Trade be contacted for financial aid. However, the event was cancelled and negotiations fell through. In 1965 the 2 day event was organised for the second year and was sponsored by Gallaher’s Ltd., makers of ‘Ariel’ and ‘Senior Service’ cigarettes, hence the event became the ‘Ariel 2 day’. From 1966 onwards all events were based on the West Auckland area and were without sponsorship until 1976 and 1977, when Service Radiators stepped in. In 1978 Dryden Insurance Brokers were celebrating the opening of their new office in Sedgefield and sponsored the 2 day for the next 8 years, up to 1985, with the course now based around Sedgefield. 1986 and 1987 saw Westmain Insurance as sponsors of the races over the same course, but in 1988 the course changed to Ferryhill with the H.Q. at the Leisure Centre, the sponsors being National Smokeless Fuels Ltd. Sunbrite Coal Products became the 6th sponsor from 1989 - 1991 followed for one year by Phurnacite Coal Products in 1992.

From 1978, Dryden Insurance Brokers, via the initiative of Steve Davies, were also responsible for a more general sponsorship of the Club . Cycling clothing in Club colours and bearing the Dryden name was made available to all members, either free or at reduced costs. This sponsorship continued successfully for several years. In 1995, John Marshall , an active racing member and owner of Durham Pine, offered to sponsor the Club and provide racing and other clothing to members, as well as financial rewards for services (based on a points system) to F.W.C.C and racing results. Over a period of two years the implementation of this sponsorship never really materialised and so a great opportunity was wasted.

Individual race sponsorship was introduced in 2000 and 2001 by Tony Jary, from Newton Aycliffe, when membership fees and awards were given for race and time trial results to riders wearing the ‘Cycleways’ logo and entered in races as being members of ‘F.W.C.C.- Cycleways Sport and Leisure Racing’.