Club Indoor Activities


To keep members fit during the long winter months, the Club bought 2 sets of home trainers or rollers for £7.16.0 and in 1947 Mr. C.E. Jones offered his 2 sets of rollers complete with dials. The Club tried to organise roller contests with other clubs but only two (Spartan Wheelers and Thornaby Paragon) responded and the idea was dropped. However, there was a standing invitation to these clubs to come along and use the F.W.C.C. equipment. In 1950, to gain publicity, Mr. W. Crawford made a notice board which was placed in Jones Brothers’ shop window in Ferryhill and advertised Club meetings, runs news and displayed members’ medals.

Other means of keeping up morale were the purchase of a photograph album (17/-) for members and their racing photographs, to be kept in order by Mr. W. Robson (1948), a dartboard was given by Mr. H. Sutton (1952) and a map library was created by Mr..

R.Fawcett ( 1955). Mr. Jack Pickering tabled a motion that a Keep Fit class be held every Thursday evening - ‘An appeal is made to members to support this motion to keep the social life of the Club going during the winter months’. When the Club moved its premises to Mr. Pickering’s barbers hut in 1955, 2 sets of rollers were sold and 2 sets returned to Mr. Jones.