Annual membership of Ferryhill Wheelers Cycling Club is £10 and runs from October1st to September 30th.

It is a condition of membership that all riding members must have third party liability insurance from Cycling UK, British Cycling or the  League of Veteran Racing Cyclists.

Membership of these organisations can be obtained using the links below.

Cycling UK.

British Cycling: Gold, Silver or Ride memberships only.

League of Veteran Racing Cyclists.

Alternatively affiliate membership of Cycling Uk can be obtained by clicking here.

Please use our Club affiliate code 8001622

Remember that you are responsible for keeping your third party insurance up to date.


I have third party insurance cover from:
Receive Emails from Ferryhill Wheelers.
Applicants Name.
Please accept my application to join Ferryhill Wheelers along with payment of £10.