The John Mortimer clubmans trophy


The John Mortimer Trophy

Awarded annually to the member who is considered by the Committee to have contributed most to the life of the Club.

1996 Made by Les Howe, a former Club member who made an identical trophy for Barrow Central Wheelers.

Height 10”. Plaque 8” high, 7” diameter. Plinth 2” high, 8” wide. A circular wooden plaque, bearing a brass disc having the name of the award ‘Ferryhill Wheelers. John Mortimer Memorial Trophy’ cut out around the circumference. The interior of the disc is a pierced intricate design and on the centre of the plaque is mounted a brass shield on two crossed bars and with a lion in relief. The wooden plinth carries a brass plate inscribed with ‘Clubman Award’ and dates and names of winners.
1996 H.V.R Dodds, 1997 D. Morton, 1998 F. Simpson, 1999 M. & C. Littlefair, 2000 R.M. Douglas.